Cricket World Cup match 1992. The 1992 World Cup was the 5 staging of the Cricket World Cup, organised by (ICC). It was held in AUS and NZ from 22 February to 25 March 1992. And finish with PAK beating ENG by 22. Runs in the final to become the World Cup champions for the first time. 1992 World Cup is remember for the controversial. Rain Rule, which also ended South Africa’s best chance of winning the world cup. Cricket World Cup Match 1992.

The 1992 World Cup was the first to feature colored player clothing. White cricket balls and black sight screens with a number of matches being playe under floodlights.[1] The 1992 World Cup was also the first to be held in the Southern Hemisphere. It was also the first World Cup to include South Africa, who had been allow to re-join. The International Cricket Council as a Test-playing nation after the end of apartheid. Cricket World Cup Match 1992.

For the first time, the World Cup was not held after a four-year gap. But five.The format was chang from previous tournaments, with a complete round-robin replacing the former two qualifying groups. The initial draw was releas with 8 competing countries and 28 round-robin cricket matches, plus 2 semi-finals and a final. In late 1991, South Africa were re-admit to the International Cricket Council. After 21 years of exclusion due to apartheid, and the draw was amend to include them. Adding another eight matches to the round-robin.

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The rule for calculating the target score for the team batting second in rain-affect matches was also change. The previous rule (the Average Run Rate method) simply multiple the run rate of the teaM. Batting first by the number of overs available to the team batting second. But this rule had been deem to give an unfair advantage to the team batting second. In an attempt to rectify this, the target score would now be calculate by the Most Productive Overs method.

In this system, if the cricket team batting 2 had 44 overs available. Their target score would be one greater than the 44 highest scoring overs of the team batting first. While the reasoning behind the system seem plausible the timing of rain. Interruptions remain problematic: as the semi-final between ENG and South Africa demonstrate. Where a difficult but eminently reachable 22 runs off 13 balls was reduce to 22 runs off 7. The least productive over, a maid, being deduct) and finally A preposterous 21 off 1 ball (the next least productive over having given 1 run.

Eleven umpires were select to officiate at the World Cup two from each of the host nations. AUS and NZ, and 1 from each of the other participating nations. West Indies’ Steve Bucknor and ENG David Shepherd were chosen as the umpires. For the first semi-final,while NZ Brian Aldridge and Australia’s Steve Randell were chosen for the second. Bucknor and Aldridge were chosen for the LAST. Main article: Cricket World Cup 1992 round-robin stage. Co-hosts New Zealand proved the surprise package of the tournament winning their 1,7. Consecutive games to finish on top of the table after the round-robin. The other hosts, Australia, one of the per-tournament favorites lost their first two matches.

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They recovered somewhat to win four of the remaining six, but narrowly missed out on the semi-finals. The WI also finished with a 4 by 4 record, but were just back AUS on run-rate. SA made a triumphant return to international cricket world cup. With a win over Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground in their first match. They and England had solid campaigns and easily qualified. For the semis, despite upset losses to SL and Zimbabwe respectively.

India had a disappointing tournament and never looked likely to progress beyond the round-robin. Sri Lanka were still establishing themselves at the highest level and beat only Zimbabwe (who did not yet have Test status) and South Africa. New Zealand were defeat only twice in the tournament, both times by Pakistan in consecutive matches, in their final group match and in the semi-final. It was seen that, if the interruption came during the second innings, the side batting 2nd was at a significant disadvantage, one which was only overcome once, in fact, in ENG group-stage victory over S A.

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The farcical end to the semi-final led to the creation of the Duck worth-Lewis method.The 1992 World Cup featured the seven Test teams at that time. For the 1st time, SA competed as the 8th full member of the ICC, and would play their 1st test in 22 years in the WA a month after the World Cup. Zimbabwe appeared for the third time, having qualified by winning the 1990 ICC Trophy defeating the Netherlands in the final for the second time. Zimbabwe would gain full member status following the tournament and play their first Test match later in 1992.In the first semi-final, Pakistan defeated tournament favorites.

A notable feature of this World Cup was the innovative tactics employ by New Zealand captain Martin Crowe, who opened his team’s bowling with spin bowler Dipak Patel, rather than with a fast bowler, as is usual practice. Another innovation was the then-unorthodox ploy of opening the batting with “pinch hitters”, such as New Zealand’s Mark Great batch. These innovations reversed the immediate prior form of NZ who had final 3–0 in their great recent series against ENG with 1 commentator writing,Visit Our Website